Dedica for School


Dedica festival gives special attention to the new generations and the youth. Specific programmes addressed to students will offer them the opportunity of getting to know the foremost voices of the international literary scene.

This course is based on a study of Nadine Gordimer’s personality, through an approach to her world and a reading of some of her most important works, participation in the main events of the festival, and a meeting with the author. At the same time, there will be a literary workshop during which the participants will be invited to focus on those aspects or moments of their cultural experience that they consider to be most significant.


This short has been produced by Class 5E of the Grigoletti High School in Pordenone, and recounts the discovery of the difference to be found between two moments in our education: a reflection on pluralism and the acceptance of diversity, and the trips made subsequently by some of the students. This has given rise to a project designed to describe the diversities found in the various countries visited by the students, with an original tapestry of images, music and text, in which the works of Nadine Gordimer are a recurring theme. The basic concept is the idea of a trip as a real experience, but one which is more than anything else a product of the imagination in which meetings with other peoples and other cultures becomes the principal aspect of the voyage.

Link to the video “Identical but Different” on YouTube >>


A project that aims to involve students in an active way, in which they are required to transform the impressions received from reading the author’s works into a form that suits them best, be it a short essay or the cover for a hypothetical book by Nadine Gordimer, leaving them entirely free to choose between conventional artwork, computer graphics, collage, photography or painting.


Established by the Municipality of Pordenone as part of the “Europe and Young People 2008” competition organized by IRSE (Regional Institute for European Studies) and open to all university students.
The prize will be awarded to the creator of the best essay on the literary works of Nadine Gordimer as an expression both of the conflicts still ongoing in a country long divided by racial hatred and of the complexity of the greater reality throughout South Africa.