Dedica to Nadine Gordimer
a conversation with Nadine Gordimer and Marino Sinibaldi
with Claudio Magris


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The first appointment on the calendar for the festival is a conversation with Nadine Gordimer, an opportunity for the reading public to get to know the recurrent themes and the work of the principal guest of Dedica.

The meeting is chaired by Marino Sinibaldi, who in an informal interview will touch on all the main themes of Gordimer’s works: the Utopia that is necessary for literature, South Africa and apartheid, and writing as an instrument with which to analyze and understand society as a whole.


Homage to Nadine Gordimer is also a publication produced by the festival and edited by Itala Vivan. The volume, which accompanies each year’s edition of the festival and represents an excellent way to study Gordimer’s works in fuller detail; it contains an essay, an interview with the writer, a previously unpublished story, a biography and a complete bibliography.

The publication can be purchased during the event or through this website.


Marino Sinibaldi
was born in Rome, where he lives and works. He was one of the founders of the magazine Linea d’ombra, and has published numerous essays in psychology and literary reviews, including Pulp. La letteratura nell’era della simultaneità (1997). He contributes to numerous newspapers and magazines. Sinibaldi is also the author and host of radio and television broadcasts, and in 1999 created Fahrenheit, a cultural programme on Italy’s Radio 3. He is currently assistant director of radio programming for RAI.

Saturday 5 April, 16:30

Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi

Pordenone - Viale Franco Martelli, 2