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Presentation of the book by Vittorio Castellani aka Chef Kumalé
with the participation of the author

We live in a multi-ethnic world in which each day we come into contact with many diverse customs, behaviour and cultures that are frequently unknown to us.
The universe of eating is far more than just food: it comprises rites, beliefs, ceremonies and taboos that make eating in company one of the most delightful and interesting ways of getting to know others.
This book is an excellent opportunity for the reader to explore the world at the table and to experience a “gastronomadic” journey that knows no frontiers or boundaries.


Vittorio Castellani aka Chef Kumalé
likes to be known as a “gastronomadic” journalist, and alternates his research and study of cooking in every part of the world with his activities in the field of communication, teaching and organizing cultural and ethno-gastronomic events.
He collaborates with the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, with “Le Rotte del Gusto”, a Masters’ for experts in eno-gastronomic tourism and mass-media communication of culinary culture at the University of Siena, and contributes to a number of newspapers and magazines including “Venerdì di Repubblica”, «Via del Gusto», “La Stampa” and «Qui Touring».
He has published numerous books, including Il mondo a tavola. Precetti, riti and tabù (2007); Coffee Roots: viaggio alle radici del caffè (2006), Cucine d’Africa (1998 and 2005), with Paola Costanzo, and Le cucine del mondo (2005).

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