Reading from Paul Auster’s novel of the same name
by Anna Bonaiuto
for Thesis/Dedica Festival


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In her reading from Man in the Dark, Anna Bonaiuto reads some of the pages that reflect most intimately the leading character, August Brill, describing one of the paths contained in the book – one marked by the pain of living and by the awareness that “this crazy world just rolls on”.

In an attempt to keep his mind occupied during the long nights of his insomnia, August Brill, a literary critic and writer, makes up plots for books that he will never write, but that serve to distract him from his life, his grief over the loss of his wife, and the sufferings – of a different nature but no less personal – of the daughter and granddaughter, with whom he lives.

This is a touching story, full of tenderness and, at times, humour, which provides a comparison of the errors and the pain afflicting two different generations: the old literary critic and his young granddaughter.


Anna Bonaiuto
actress, has worked with many of Italy’s leading directors, including Luca Ronconi, Mario Missiroli and Carlo Cecchi. In films, she has worked with Mario Martone and Nanni Moretti; she recently featured in the films Il CaimanoMio fratello è figlio unicoLa ragazza del lago and in Il Divo, in which she starred alongside Toni Servillo, with whom she also works in the theatre. Anna Bonaiuto is currently appearing on tour in Yasmine Reza’s Il Dio della carneficina, directed by Roberto Andò.

Monday 30 March, 20:45

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13