Mise en espace based on
Perspectives on the Civil War by Hans Magnus Enzensberger
with Massimo De Francovich
adaptated and directed by Serena Sinigaglia
produced by Thesis/Dedica Festival


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Enzensberger argues that man is born to hate, but that no era has ever seen as much limitless and unreasoning hate as the present day. This is a harsh concept, because it tells us that it is we who are mainly responsible for all the hate which surrounds us. At the same time, however, Enzensberger urges us to attempt to identify the appropriate responsibilities (“do not look afar, to wars that do not concern you; look inside your own daily existence, inside your life, that’s where you can really do some good”), and in doing so he turns his pessimistic theory, paradoxically, into a “positive” one.  It is up to us to try to change the state of things; thus we can do it, we can hate but also try to stop hating, to reject the hate that is inside us, envy, fear, the desire to win and to outsmart others, our egoism and our ambition. It is necessary in each case to search, to understand and recognize, and in this way to make the most appropriate choices, even though we are aware that our every gesture, even the most cautious and carefully planned, might reveal itself as fruitless or, even worse, a mistake. Here, in the paradox of an obstinate and happy gesture, lies the miracle of peace. If it works as planned, it will be like listening to a convincing, exciting lecture, it will be like a face-to-face meeting with the pulsating thoughts of a true intellectual. If it works as planned, we will probably go home with a wealth of new and unforeseen reflections.


Serena Sinigaglia
was born in 1973 in Milan. After graduating in directing at the “Paolo Grassi” Civic School of Dramatic Art in 1996, she worked as assistant director for Gabriele Vacis and Gigi Dall’Aglio. She is the founder of ATIR, a group with which she experiments in mise en éspace of classical works and new drama; her work and that of the Company are recognized as being one of the most original and exciting forces in the contemporary scene. For the 2007 Dedica festival she organized the mise en éspace of Nadine Gordimer’s L’Aggancio (The Pick-up) which she later developed into a highly-successful show which in 2009 won the City of Milan Prize for the Theatre.


Massimo De Francovich
after studying at the “Silvio D’Amico” National Academy of Dramatic Art, made his theatre debut alongside Vittorio Gassman.  He later worked for many years with the Compagnia dei Giovani, and has also featured in several films, including Damiano Damiani’s Pizza Connection; Pasolini. Un delitto italiano by Marco Tullio Giordana; Le mani forti  by Franco Bernini and Michele Placido’s Ovunque sei.  He has received numerous major awards, including the Ubu  Prize (1991) as actor of the year and the Salvo Randone Prize (2000).

Tuesday 16 March, 20:45

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13