Paintings by Max Neumann, photographs by Eddy Posthuma de Boer
and Simone Sassen
Opening of the exhibition
presentation of Cees Nooteboom
with the participation of the artists
curators Gianni and Silvia Pignat

Cees Nooteboom’s novels, travel tales, essays and poems are characterized by his passion for the visual world, for art, but also by his disenchanted outlook on time, history and memory. Simone Sassen, Eddy Posthuma de Boer and Max Neumann’s bonds with Cees Nooteboom are very deep. Affection, friendship, journeys, adventures are the factors they share, but, above all, affinity of feelings and cultural complicity that often ended up in collaborations and books written together. The exhibition is made up of this complicity, of these common outlooks.


Max Neumann’s “untitled” paintings, with their “anonymous” figures, offer the poetic dimension of an odd polarity connoted between disquietude and peacefulness, between essentiality and detail, between duration and the ephemeral, and often end up taking us back to contemporary existential situations such as bewilderment and fear.


Posthuma de Boer, master of the “decisive moment” shows us snapshots of people, places and situations, taken during his journeys to the most disparate places in the world.


Simone Sassen’s photographs, one moment lead us into a romantic dimension characterized by “the end of the world” Spitzbergen island’s extreme and bare landscapes, then into a dimension of silent recollection on the graves of mankind’s greatest writers and poets.


Max Neumann
was born in Saarbrücken, in Germany, in 1949. He studied at Saarbrücken Applied Arts School, at Karlsruhe Academy of Fine Arts and at Berlin National School of Fine Arts. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries all over the world and are displayed in prestigious museums, among which the Neue National Galerie in Berlin, Oviedo Museum, Shibu Museum in Tokio and in Hiroshima. At present he lives and works in Berlin.


Max Neuman Website >>



Eddy Postuma de Boer
photographer and great traveller, was born in Amsterdam. He is the author of several reportages and for over fifty years collaborated with many newspapers and magazines. He also worked on an international photographic project about children whose lives are desperate, due to war experiences. He published several books among which: In the World’s Eye (1995), Amsterdam, city of my life (2003), Faces of the world (2006) and, together with Cees Nooteboom, Voor het oog de wereld (1996), De atlas van Nooteboom (2003) and Die Kunst des Reisens (2004).


Eddy Posthuma de Boer on Wikipedia >>



Simone Sassen
was born in Roermond, in the Netherlands. She studied history and worked for some years at Amstelkring Historical Museum in Amsterdam.
Since 1982 she has devoted herself to photography, travelling  around the world with Cees Nooteboom, her husband. With his collaboration she realized several books, such as Tumbas, Graven van dichters en denkers (2006), Ultima Thule (2008), Berlijn 1989/2009 (2009).

Sunday 13 March, 11:00

PArCo 2, Spazi Espositivi

Pordenone - Via Gian Battista Bertossi, 9

Free admission