Dedicated to children


Storia di un gatto e di un topo messicano
(The tale of a cat and a Mexican mouse)
play for primary school pupils based on
Luis Sepúlveda’s Storia di un gatto e del topo che diventò suo amico
with Assemblea Teatro, directed by Lino Spadaro and Renzo Sicco

The protagonists of the story have bizarre and amusing names: Max, Mix and Mex. Young Max grows up with Mix, his beloved black cat. After his 18th birthday, Max decides to go live by himself and brings Mix along, but the once beautiful cat has grown old, losing its sight. Moreover, Max is frequently out working and Mix feels lonely. Then, one day, a Mexican mouse appears out of nowhere; it is incredibly chatty, but sad since no one ever named it. Mix initially captures the mouse, then releases it, lives through pains and joys with it and finally names it Mex. The two become fast friends and partners in crime; Mix sees through its companion’s eyes and Mex becomes stronger thanks to its new friend’s vigour. Friendships is what makes everything possible «it overcomes differences, it brings us together and betters us», as Sepúlveda said.


Assemblea Teatro
Frank Baum, the author of The Wizard of Oz, once wrote that «Everything is unusual in life until one gets used to it». However, it is simply impossible to get used to Assemblea Teatro’s special brand of unusual. Assemblea Teatro started its complex activity as Teatro Stabile di Innovazione (experimental theatre) in Turin in 1967, more precisely in the working-class district of Le Vallette, with the declaration that the district assembly was also going to be its theatre crew. It has been growing ever since, developing in Italy and abroad.


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Lino Spadaro
is an actor and theatre director. He graduated from Venice’s Teatro all’Avogaria with Giovanni Poli. He worked with Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Attori e Tecnici, Il Gruppo della Rocca, Compagnia Valeria Moriconi, Gitiesse Spettacoli, Rome’s Teatro Eliseo, Teatro Filodrammatici, Orestiadi di Gibellina, Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico/Teatro Greco from Siracusa and I Fratellini. He has been cooperating with Assemblea Teatro since 1994. He presented plays in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Germany, Russia and Japan.

Thursday 12 March, 09:00

Auditorium Concordia

Pordenone - Via Interna, 2