Play by Luis Sepúlveda and Renzo Sicco
with Assemblea Teatro
with Giovanni Boni, Roberta Fornier, Silvia Nati, Marco Pejrolo
and Sonia Belforte

Presented in Italy, Chile, Spain, Mexico and Guatemala, Il funerale di Neruda tells the story of an extraordinary show of love towards the famous Chilean poet, who died on the 23rd of September 1973. Only a few days had passed from the military coup but, curfew notwithstanding, an incredibly wide crowd took to the street to give Neruda one last goodbye. The poet’s body, abandoned in a cold, almost hidden corridor, managed to generate the first reaction against the dictatorship’s barbarity through its funerals, a brief parenthesis during which people went out to speak up. The facts seem to let go of the denunciation to become a solemn tragedy, where destiny persists in highlighting human fragility. Such is the sense of the play, to retell the facts, collocating them into history and giving them visibility while enveloping them with uncontrollable emotion.


Renzo Sicco
is a theatre actor and director. He has been cooperating with Assemblea Teatro since 1977, writing and realising more than 50 plays. He also worked with Italo Calvino, Fernanda Pivano, Erri De Luca, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Laura Mancinelli, Gabriele Romagnoli, Massimo Carlotto, Maurizio Maggiani and Luis Sepúlveda. He directed and took part to events linked to the theatre all over the world, from Spain to Mexico, from Tunisia to South Africa, including Venezuela, Cuba, Norway, Canada, Ethiopia and Georgia.

Thursday 12 March, 20:45

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

Admission €8,00 (numbered seat)