Luis Sepúlveda presents his new book for the first time
L’avventurosa storia dell’uzbeko muto
with Ilde Carmignani

Maybe Scott Turow is right, it is impossible to explain an age’s passions to another. However, try we must. Luis Sepúlveda uses his new, unmissable short stories to try and find out whether there is still something useful that was left to gather dust under the ruins of the 70s. Drawing from his own personal experience, without denying the mistakes of said generation, Luis Sepúlveda blends drama and irony to notch up the stories of young and hardy militants distracted by curvy feminine silhouettes, of “Proletarian expropriation” to bring water in the poorest neighbourhoods, of improbable studies in Soviet Universities… In the end, what he saves of those years is the ability to say “us”, that “us” that stays, digs deep and still manages to produce debris and sediments.


Ilide Carmignani
is specialised into Spanish and Latin American literature and is the official translator of Luis Sepúlveda in Italy. She has also translated novels by Bolaño, Borges, Cernuda, Cortázar, Fuentes, García Márquez, Neruda, Onetti, Paz, Pérez-Reverte, among others. In 2000, she won first place at the Premio di Traduzione Letteraria of the Instituto Cervantes; in 2013, she won the Premio Nazionale di Traduzione of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. She works with the Turin International Book Fair (l’Autore Invisibile) and with the Pisa Book Festival.

Sunday 8 March, 17:00

San Francesco Convent

Pordenone - Via della Motta, 13

Free admission