After Dedica

Report of the 27th edition
Pordenone, 16-23.10.2021
edited by Erika Ius for CLAPS


sponsored by:
Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
Comune di Pordenone
Fondazione Friuli
special partner: Servizi CGN
staged with the support of:
Crédit Agricole-Friuladria
Coop Alleanza 3.0
AssiLab Previdenza e Servizi
BCC Pordenonese e Monsile

Conversation with Paolo Rumiz
presented by Federica Manzon
Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi, Pordenone – 16.10.2021


Il filo infinito

Paolo Rumiz talks about his book of the same name
Gregorian chants sung by the Bodeča Neža women’s vocal group
Auditorium Burovich, Sesto al Reghena (Pordenone) – 17.10.2021
A Thesis/Dedicafestival exclusive

Dramatic reading taken from the book Il Ciclope by Paolo Rumiz
dramaturgy and direction by Massimo Somaglino
with Massimo Somaglino
original live music by and with Mario Arcari
Sala Capitol, Pordenone – 18.10.2021
A Thesis/Dedicafestival exclusive

Presentation of the new book by Paolo Rumiz Canto per Europa
with the participation of Paolo Rumiz
conducted by Alessandro Mezzena Lona
Awarding of the Crédit Agricole FriulAdria Prize “UNA VITA PER LA SCRITTURA” to Paolo Rumiz
Sala Capitol, Pordenone – 19.10.2021

A dream charted, defended, rediscovered and walked with open eyes
Giuseppe Cederna talks about Appia by Paolo Rumiz
Sala Capitol, Pordenone – 20.10.2021
A Thesis/Dedicafestival exclusive

Awarding of the winners of the Competition and
Paolo Rumiz’s meeting with the students of the project La scena della parola
Sala Capitol, Pordenone – 21.10.2021

Waiting for the opening of the Festival, Paolo Rumiz sends us a greeting from his holiday place.

Estranging itineraries between literature and geographies
recital by and with Angelo Floramo and Paolo Forte
Area Festeggiamenti – Budoia, 03.08.2021
A Dedica 2021 Premiere