Screening of the film by Dominique Cabrera
with Lola Créton, Kamel Kadri, Aïssa Maïga, Moussa Maaskri, Cyril Brunet, Hamza Baggour, Mama Bouras, Alain Demaria and Agnès Regolo
France/2016, 94 minutes
in the original language with subtitles in Italian
comment and considerations by Riccardo Costantini and Maylis de Kerangal

The adventures of a group of young people spending their summer jumping into the water from the Corniche Kennedy near Marseille. A policewoman tasked with supervising this part of the coast watches them through binoculars; she wants to arrest some drug traffickers to whom one of the boys is connected. Girls and boys, as carefree as only eighteen-year-olds can be, laughing as they stand on the edge of cliffs, defy the force of gravity and vertigo by diving from the tops. Amidst zero tolerance and a taste for the forbidden, things take an ugly turn …


Riccardo Costantini
Riccardo Costantini is a cultural expert and works for Cinemazero in Pordenone, where he is responsible for events and archives. He directs the real-life cinema festival Pordenone Docs Fest – Le voci del documentario. He was previously a lecturer in Audiovisual Teaching Techniques at the Faculty of the Science of Training at the University of Trieste. He has curated a number of monographs on the subject of the cinema and photography (Fellini, Bergman, Losey, Moretti, Pasolini…). Curator of photographic exhibitions in Italy and abroad, he is the author of numerous essays and has held courses and conferences on subjects relating to the world of cinema. He is the president of Tucker Film distribution company.

Friday 24 March, 20:45


Pordenone - Piazza Maestri del Lavoro, 3

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