Conversation with Goffredo Fofi and Cees Nooteboom

The first event of the festival is a conversation with Cees Nooteboom.

Goffredo Fofi will host the meeting and will lead us into the multifaceted cultural universe of the protagonist of this edition of Dedica, his way of perceiving poetry and writing, his passion for art, his encounters, his books.


Other important elaborations can be found in the publication, that has always accompanied the festival, which proposes an interview with the author, carried out by the cultural journalist Piet Piryns, critical reviews by Laszlo Földény, Alberto Manguel and Fulvio Ferrari as well as an unpublished work entitled A meeting in Recanati, that the author kindly granted to Dedica.


Goffredo Fofi
essayist, literary, theatre and cinema critic, was born in Gubbio in 1937. He worked in the pedagogic and social field, taking part in remarkable experiences. He was the moving spirit of the magazines “Quaderni Piacentini” (Notebooks from Piacenza),“Ombre Rosse” (Red Shadows), “La terra vista dalla luna” (The Earth Seen from the Moon) and “Linea d’ombra” (Shadow Line). Since 1977 he has been editor of “Lo straniero” (The Stranger). He published several essays, among which L’immigrazione meridionale a Torino (The immigration of southerners to Turin), 1964; Capire il cinema (Understanding cinema), 1977; Dieci anni difficili (Ten difficult years), 1985; Pasqua di maggio (Easter in May), 1988; Prima il pane (Bread first), 1990; Strade maestre. Ritratti di scrittori italiani (Main roads. Portraits of Italian writers), 1996; Come in uno specchio (Like in a mirror), 1997; Sotto l’ulivo. Politica e cultura negli anni ’90 (Under the “olive tree” centre-left political party. Politics and culture in the 90s), 1998; Totò. Storia di un buffone serissimo (Totò. The story of a very serious comedian), 2004 and Alberto Sordi. L’Italia in bianco e nero (Alberto Sordi. Italy in black and white), 2004; Simenon, l’uomo nudo (Simenon, the naked man), 2004, with Giovanni Da Campo and Claudio G. Fava; I grandi registi della storia del cinema (The great directors in the history of cinema), 2008. He is an editorial consultant and writes for several newspapers and magazines.

Saturday 12 March, 16:30

Teatro Comunale Giuseppe Verdi

Pordenone - Viale Franco Martelli, 2

Free admission