Dedica for School


The Thesis Association for the promotion of literature: the “READ WITH DEDICA” project.

Ever since the inception of the Dedica Festival, the Associazione Thesis has focused on younger children, offering them the chance to hear and talk with internationally-known authors, all – in their different ways – important narrators of contemporary life.

Very quickly, this initiative developed into a major project for the promotion of literature, “READ WITH DEDICA“, which is intended for two different groups of children:


Upper High School
An understanding of the complexities of modern living, to gain a clearer view of the world through the voices of writers from a variety of fields, which in many cases stem from cultural blending and transference. Thus the project offers great opportunities for High School students. It revolves around an initial reading of the work combined with the chance to reflect on the works of the writer, his personality and country of origin, first with the help of readers who know the work of the author, and then under the guidance of the teachers of the classes taking part in the initiative. Important opportunities for further exploration are also offered by the participation of the students in the various events organized as part of the festival including the pivotal moment when they are able to talk with the guest author in one-on-one meetings.
As an optional adjunct to the main project, the students can take part, individually or as part of a group, in the ideas competition entitled “Words and Images for…“, in which the students translate their literary experiences into words and graphics.
Seven schools from Pordenone and the province – 17 classes for a total of 350 students – will take part in the 2018 edition of the festival, dedicated to Atiq Rahimi.


Primary and Lower Middle Schools
The project is intended to stimulate the imagination of children, showing them different cultures and ways of life through the use of traditional fables and stories from the native country of the guest author – especially effective since he has also written children’s books. The guidelines for the project are flexible, but always intended to capture the intention of the younger students: narrations with musical accompaniment, the screening of filmed images, and group workshops. And throughout the project, story readings, which are the main instrument in bringing the youngest children into contact with books and have been demonstrated to be an excellent way to cultivate new generations of readers.
The 2018 edition, organized by the 0432 Association, has been extremely well received: six primary schools and four lower middle schools have registered their participation, for a total of 69 classes and 1,400 students.