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Salamis and Lepanto in the clash between East and West
with storyteller Gaetano Lo Monaco Celano
introduction by Paolo Rumiz

The encounter between East and West has always been fraught with great contradictions and pivotal clashes.

The Battle of Salamis and the Battle of Lepanto represent two eloquent testimonies of such encounters, which Gaetano Lo Monaco Celano, following the trail of Paolo Rumiz’s writings, will bring to exciting life using the narrative technique known as “cunto”.


Gaetano Lo Monaco Celano

Gaetano Lo Monaco Celano is a storyteller (cuntastorie) and puppeteer from Palermo, grandson of the famous Peppino Celano, who was an accomplished master of this dramatic art, and in particular of “cunto”, as well as a skilled builder of Sicilian puppets.

In the workshop he inherited from his grandfather, he carries on the tradition of creating and giving voice to the magnificent puppets of his chivalrous epic characters, acting out their feats in age-old “cunti” performances, of which he is an undisputed master.

Thursday 21 October, 09:00

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