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Meeting with Paolo Rumiz
conducted by Andrea Zannini

Paolo Rumiz is a great traveller of our times because his routes are never driven by the desire for exoticism, but by the need to get to know that which is different.
«I try to find traces of my roots in the places I visit, to catch a glimpse of the faces of my forefathers in the people I meet. Borders are like a man’s skin, they separate us from others but they also put us in contact with them».


Andrea Zannini
Andrea Zannini is ordinary professor of Modern History at the University of Udine, where he heads the Department of Humanist Studies and Cultural Heritage. He has published essays and monographs on economic and social history of the early Modern Age, on the history of public sector accounting, on the history of emigration as well as on historical demography, the history of tourism, the history of the Resistance and the history of Europe. His most recent works include: Storia minima dell’Europa dal Neolitico a oggi (2015 and 2019); with Alberto Buvoli, Estate-Autunno 1944: la zona libera partigiana del Friuli Orientale (2016); and with Irene Barbiera and Gianpiero Della Zuanna, Popolazioni e società delle Venezie (2021).

Thursday 28 October, 17:00

Aula Pasolini – Palazzo Garzolini di Toppo Wassermann

Udine - via Gemona, 92

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