Dramatic reading taken from the book Il Ciclope by Paolo Rumiz
dramaturgy and direction by Massimo Somaglino
with Massimo Somaglino
original live music by and with Mario Arcari


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An island attached to the sky with its plutonic rocks, away from the tourist tracks, where a lighthouse, still crucial to the routes connecting East and West, pierces the sky.
Paolo Rumiz, a restless wanderer, goes and shares a lighthouse keeper’s space: he maintains the customs of such industrious solitude, surrenders to the instability of the elements, and reads the celestial vault. The lighthouse seems to mingle with the mythological past, a stern Cyclops standing high with his only eye, keeping watch over the night, stirs the intimacy of our memory, but more importantly opens the doors of perception.
A “stationary journey” that becomes an adventure for the soul.


Massimo Somaglino
Massimo Somaglino, actor, film director and author, works at the Teatro dell’Elfo in Milan and the Teatro Stabile del Veneto. He has produced many ‘independent’ plays: Zitto, Menocchio! based on the heresy of the famous miller from Friuli; Cercivento, a performance against war; Achtung banditi!, a concert for the Resistance; Indemoniate, on the story of the women of Verzegnis; Trê zovini, by Novella Cantarutti; Suite in forma di rosa, concerto teatrale per Pier Paolo Pasolini; Il canto e la fionda, pensiero e vita civile di David Maria Turoldo and more. He works as an actor and speaker for RAI and other private broadcasters. He is also currently art director for the Teatri Stabil Furlan Association.


Mario Arcari
A classically trained musician, Mario Arcari graduated in oboe in 1976 from the Conservatory in Milan. His work touches upon a variety of different music genres: from symphonic and opera orchestras, to cultured avant-garde, free jazz, popular music and singer-songwriters. As a multi-instrumentalist, he started to share the stage with Moni Ovadia in the “Gruppo Folk Internazionale – Ensemble Havadià”. He has worked with many people, including Steve Lacy, Ludovico Einaudi, Moni Ovadia, Ivano Fossati and Fabrizio De Andrè. He regularly performs in theatres and composes stage music for numerous shows.

Monday 18 October, 20:45


Pordenone - Via Mazzini 60

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