Display of illustrations by Cosimo Miorelli for Paolo Rumiz’s books
curated by Angelo Bertani
presented by Angelo Bertani
with the participation of Paolo Rumiz and Cosimo Miorelli

«On a clear night I saw Moby Dick fly with other whales above the shores of a modern coastal city, the sky scored with aircraft contrails. Like airships, the leviathans loomed like omens. The sea dominated the exhausted land threatening floods, while mankind, bent over their virtual world screens, no longer raised their eyes or noticed anything. That image settled into my dreams and stayed with me for a long time, generating other dreams and other images. This was my first meeting with Cosimo Miorelli, a dreamlike visual artist with nocturnal, dramatic overtones, who not only illustrated two of my books, but also provided me with new images that in turn generated words, in an unexpected process of exchange. His father told me that when he used to tell him fairy tales, Cosimo did not look him in the eyes but was looking for a void, because he was already thinking of how to illustrate the story being told. In him words have turned into images ever since he was a child. And still today, his trait comes rather from words and dreams than from real images, hence it is fatal for him to then generate words in spectators. Thus a crowd of monsters and warriors made their way into La Regina del silenzio and then islands and headlands interpreted in the female found their way into my latest book, in verse, dedicated to the myth of Europa, our great ancestor.»

Paolo Rumiz


The exhibition catalogue, published by Thesis and edited by Angelo Bertani, will be given as a gift to the purchase of at least two publications available in the Bookshop of website.


Cosimo Miorelli • CZM

Born in Biella in 1986, Cosimo Miorelli is a digital illustrator and live painter. His artistic research combines a number of different narrative tools, moving between illustration, cartoons, painting and live-storytelling performances produced in collaboration with actors, writers and musicians. He has created live paintings as part of multi-media shows, poetry readings and theatrical performances during events, festivals and exhibitions in various European countries. He has collaborated amongst others with Stefano Benni, Vincenzo Vasi, Luigi Cinque, Badara Sek, Loris Vescovo, Saba Anglana, Fernando Mota, RAF, Ivan Bert, Gup Alcaro, Giorgio Pacorig and Stefano Giust. He has also produced animated videos for museums and documentary films. In Italy he has published three cartoon books. He is a member of the Stigma Project cartoonist collective.

He lives and works in Berlin.

From 17.10.2021 to 13.11.2021

Saletta Novità at Civic Library

Pordenone - Piazza XX Settembre, 11

Free entry, current Covid-19 regulations apply.
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