Presentation of the new book by Paolo Rumiz Canto per Europa
with the participation of Paolo Rumiz
conducted by Alessandro Mezzena Lona


Awarding of the Crédit Agricole FriulAdria Prize


The event will be broadcast live on the Dedica festival YouTube channel

Paolo Rumiz traces a legend, a myth that started out in Syria and travelled through Turkey before arriving in the old continent, and he does it with the wisdom of words, with the beauty of a gaze thirsting for knowledge and a desire to bring the reader new stories. Canto per Europa is a call to what we are and where we come from. Today, more than ever, it is important to ask oneself this question and provide a precise answer without hesitating, because if we are to turn our eyes to the future, it is essential to look to our past.


Alessandro Mezzena Lona
Alessandro Mezzena Lona, journalist and blogger for “Arcane Storie”, ran the cultural pages of “Il Piccolo” for sixteen years, has worked for “Corriere della Sera” and is the author of essays on literature.

In 2013 he won the Premio Grado Giallo Mondadori prize with Non credere ai santi. He has published the novels La morte danza in salita. Ettore Schmitz e il caso Bottecchia (2014), La via oscura (2015) and written about the life and verse of Federico Tavan in Il poeta delle pantegane (2019). With Mitja Gialuz he edited the book Barcolana. Un mare di racconti (2018), which won the Premio Speciale Marincovich 2019.

His latest work is L’amore danza sull’abisso (2021).

Tuesday 19 October, 20:45


Pordenone - via Giuseppe Mazzini, 60

Free entry, current Covid-19 regulations apply,
upon collection of the ticket with choice of numbered seat, available from 8 October at the Teatro Verdi di Pordenone and on-line at


>>> UPDATING 19.10.2021:

The seats at Capitol (Pordenone, 8.45 pm) for the presentation of the NEW BOOK “Canto per Europa” by Paolo Rumiz are sold out.
However, the event will be broadcast live on the Dedica festival YouTube channel.


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