LUCI A NORDEST. Immagini e parole dal Friuli Venezia Giulia

Exhibition of photographs by Ulderica Da Pozzo

This photography exhibition provides a stark account of a region in which the whiteness of the snow co-exists with warm sea breezes, a song with two vocal parts by those that hail from the past but remain alive like an echo in the present. As a counterbalance to the photos by Ulderica Da Pozzo, who has a visceral love for her land, there is a display of writings by Paolo Rumiz, which emphasise the wealth of beauty in terms of resources that same land offers, as well as the insidious contradictions. So while the evocative force of photography is able to freeze in time a landscape, a traditional rite or a milk jug in a mountain dairy, the word she associates with it helps us understand every aspect of reality beyond rhetoric: so that we can in some way find a mote of inner harmony.


The exhibition catalogue, published by Thesis and edited by Angelo Bertani, is on sale during the event or on this website shop.


Ulderica Da Pozzo
Ulderica Da Pozzo, born in Ravascletto, took up photography in 1976 and in 1980 became a professional photographer. She has furthered her studies of the language of photography with Ferdinando Scianna, Gabriele Basilico, Oliviero Toscani and Franco Fontana. She works with a large number of magazines, including «Airone», «Bell’Italia», «Qui Touring», «Alp», «Meridiani Montagne», «Tuttoturismo», «Dove», «A Tavola», «Gusto Sì» and «Alpe». Alongside her professional work she conducts research on which numerous exhibitions and publications have been based, including: Malghe e malgari (2004), Noi giriam per questo contorno (2007), Fra mare e terra (2008), Le voci dell’acqua (2010), Fuochi. Gioventù e rituali in alta Carnia (2010), Luci a Nordest (2012) with Paolo Rumiz, Stanze (2013).

In 2002 she won the “FVG Photography” prize awarded by CRAF (Centro Regionale per l’Archiviazione della Fotografia – the regional photography archive centre) and in 2010 the international “Donne di fiori” prize. Some of her works are featured in various museums in Italy and abroad. Her latest project is “I ragazzi del ’99” – 1899.1999: ritratti fotografici dalla Carnia, un’antica terra in divenire (2019).


Angelo Bertani
Angelo Bertani, art critic and historian, was art director of the annual Hic et Nunc contemporary art exhibition from 1992 to 2005. Between 2008 and 2015 he curated a number of exhibition projects on sculptor and designer Harry Bertoia and in 2016 the exhibition Elettrodomesticità. Design e Innovazione nel Nord-Est da Zanussi a Electrolux. He has worked with the Centro Iniziative Culturali Pordenone (Pordenone Cultural Initiatives Centre) for many years and since 2006 has headed the visual arts initiatives organised by the Colonos Cultural Association. In 2018, as part of Dedica, he presented the exhibition L’immagine del ritorno dedicated to the photographs of Atiq Rahimi, in 2019 the exhibition on Inti Ocon, ¡Yo estoy con vos, mi Nicaragua! and in 2020 on Elio Ciol, Libya Infelix. Antiche rovine su cui costruire una nuova storia.

From 17.10.2021 to 14.11.2021

Exhibition Room at Civic Library

Pordenone - Piazza XX Settembre, 11

Free entry, current Covid-19 regulations apply.
Booking at the Civic Library is recommended – tel. 0434 392970.


The exhibition will be open until 14 November at the following times:
– Tuesday to Saturday: 9.30 am-1.00 pm and 2.30 pm-6.00 pm (Saturday until 7.00 pm)
– Sunday: 10.30 am-12.30 am and 4.00-7.00 pm

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