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THESIS is a non-profit cultural association whose main purpose is to organise and promote initiatives connected with literature, art, theatre and music, with a particular focus on topics and personalities that provide opportunities for broad-spectrum reflection on current affairs. Its activities also aim to bring young people closer to culture through specific initiatives targeting schools of all levels.
The Association began in 2003 as part of the Associazione Provinciale per la Prosa in Pordenone, inheriting from this, when it closed down, the curating of the FESTIVAL DEDICA FESTIVAL along with the ADOTTA UNO SPETTACOLO educational project, aimed at upper secondary schools.
Over the years, in addition to organising these now historical activities, the Thesis Association has devised and developed other projects, also characterised by strong links with literature, music and theatre. It has also proposed, run and managed numerous events for various bodies and institutions.


The Adotta uno Spettacolo project began in 1998 with the aim of putting young people into contact with the theatre and providing them with the basic knowledge to be able to understand and appreciate the specificity of this art form, which however has implications for other cultural and artistic fields.
This led to the idea of extending the initial proposal to the other spheres of literature, music and art in general.
The new initiatives have had a significant following both due to their educational value and the way in which they are held: young people in fact get to meet the authors/artists outside of the school setting and exchange views personally and freely with them.